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What type of softcover notebook should I have

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softcover notebook is commonly used in both office and school.

For office people, a well used notebook can make the work more joyful; for school student, a good notebook also can make study more easy.

When we are in the market, we can see various kinds of school notebook, with different size, designs and so on.

How to choose and make a suitable softcover notebook?

1. softcover notebook binding 

2. softcover notebook printing

3. softcover notebook craft

     4. softcover notebook quality

     5. softcover notebook designs


Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise Co.,Ltd is a China supplier for softcover notebook, french exercise book, hardcover notebook, spiral notebook, drawing book etc. Honeyoung have design, produce and exported various kinds of softcover notebook every year, total annual amount around 30,000,000 dollars. As a professional softcover notebook factory, here honeyoung discuss with you about how to choose a softcover notebook.


1. softcover notebook binding 

As for the binding, we normally have stapler binding, thread binding. Stapler binding is the most popular one, with easy tear function and cheap cost. Thread binding looks more elegant, as a special style, it also popular in the market. 

As a fully experienced China supplier , honeyoung can provide all kinds binding to you.

2. softcover notebook printing

As for the printing, normally is CMYK printing for cover. It is also called 4C printing. The colorful cover will make the notebook looks very nice. For the inner, have two types, one is flexographic printing, the other is offset printing.
Honeyoung can produce softcover notebook with any printing you like. 

3. softcover notebook craft

Some special craft can make it looks more attractive. For example, UV/lamination make cover more smooth and touch comfortable. Also can protect the notebooks from such as wet. Gold stamping make notebook very shiny.

4. softcover notebook quality

The most popular quality for softcover notebook is offset paper, it with high quality,good whiteness, and is very smooth.

Compared with offset paper, also have recycle paper; for cover we have such as artpaper, ivory board and so on.

5. softcover notebook designs

softcover notebook designs is very important during the sales. A suitable design style can make the products very popular in market.

Such as football, sceney, building, cars, city, animal and so on.

Honeyoung as a professional factory with many years’export experience, we can make customized design as per your requirements.


We are sure that you can buy a favorite softcover notebook considering above serval points. Do you want to know more information about softcover notebook? Then please contact honeyoung, we will provide many suggestions to you, and help you to buy a most popular softcover notebook.





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