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  • School notebook is a must during our daily study and life. When we are in the market, we can see various kinds of school notebook. Some is with high quality, some school notebook is with low quality. Also with different styles of designs. How to choose and make a suitable school notebook?


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  • exercise book canton fair normally is held twice every year. This year 2020 due to special reason of COVID-19, the canton fair will be held on-line. In order to do the best to attend the on-line canton fair, our company honeyoung have made full preparation for it.


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  • softcover notebook is commonly used in both office and school.For office people, a well used notebook can make the work more joyful; for school student, a good notebook also can make study more easy.When we are in the market, we can see various kinds of school notebook, with different size, designs


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  • 2020.04.10

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  • It is a debate being had across the world - whether wearing a face mask will stem the spread of Covid-19.In Austria it is now compulsory to wear basic masks in supermarkets and other food and drug stores.The idea appears to be gaining support across Europe, although there is uncertainty about how us


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  • Distinguish from packagingGenerally, there are different technical standards for the three kinds of respirators, namely, disposable medical respirator (YY / t0969-2013), medical surgical mask (yy0469-2011) and medical protective mask (gb19038-2010).


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